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I tend to visit a destination over longer periods than most, allowing myeslf to really get absorbed into exciting new surroundings. The people, the landscapes and the wonderful creatures hidden within. These photographs you see here are a result of many meaningful stories and experiences captured for you to witness.

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Typical busy street of Mumbai, India

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"Howdy, Bula, Que Tal?"

A lover of nature and adventure, sharing the moments through photography and visual design.

My way of approaching life's little experiences is to stay a little longer, soak up the buzz and really get to know the people and their culture. With an ability to speak to anyone and to volunteer when the opportunity arises has grown my environmental awareness.

This has led to a consultative approach with every creative project, and has yielded great results for small start-ups to large corporations. An open mind to every project, has resulted positively in the work I deliver.

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