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Web & UI Design

104 wireframes

A startup with a fantastic idea of being able to search for food based on the user’s diet, allergens, budget and location.
An intricate web of customer and business user journeys were mapped out and thought of carefully before the design could begin.

Brand design Wireframe Prototype Styleguide build Responsive App Design B2B /B2C / Art Direction

extensive wireframe design

A site designed and built in 2 weeks!

The brand is set, the guidelines were supplied. It was over to me to design and build the site in WordPress using the expectational Divi Builder.

Of course, low fidelity wireframes were designed before the real work began.

Wireframe Responsive Prototype WordPress Divi build

Mystery shopping

Enticing customers for feedback through vibrant print and digital communications. Designed packages were given to staff and managers to improve on their customer service experience.

Conceptual Asset management Prototype Print

Internal productivitiy application

Dashboard UI designed and screens edited for an internal system.
Specifics required me to ensure the new design doesn’t hinder current build, but introduces new chapters for digital guidelines.

Branding has been removed to protect client confidentiality.

WireframeStyleguide buildConceptualData visualisationsTypographyArt direction

Pushing the boundaries of the website across all devices, whilst excelling in a sound user experience. I worked on improving 1,000,000’s of pages sitting on Nature’s legacy system.

Brand design / Wireframe / Prototype / Styleguide build / Responsive / Typography / Animation /Illustration / Print / User testing / Art direction

A user centred approach was key to turning Nature around.

Further UI examples