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Sam Rios

Social, banners & illustration

Honestly I’ve created a countless amount of online marketing ever since the days of Macromedia Flash. Technology has progressed and so has my creativity for an ever important medium. Here are just a few key projects worth mentioning, get in touch for more.

Work for Ogilvy

Creating mood boards and consistent style exploration lead to outstanding socials created for various brands, massive influencer backed competitions and international markets. We were just a small team created for this very important client with an impactful delivery.

Eyes of the Orangutan

Filling the seats of the 1st ever public screening in the prestigious National Geographical Society required some well thought out social marketing.

Celebrity backing

VIP auction items included a signed book by David Attenborough, Jane Goodall and much more, while Shannon Elizabeth and Michaela Strachan backed the event with VIPs from various industries attending. Partnering with Sylwia Wojslaw and a team of eager volunteers, we basically ran the entire show with a fantastic turnout and much needed money raised.

Wait, there's more!

Being the only creative means that I oversee and manage the brand and it’s direction over a huge array of mediums, while working 100% remotely!

Worth a pledge

Deforestation for palm oil and the illegal wildlife trade are amongst the biggest impacts affecting wildlife on earth. A huge campaign to educate, collect and spread awareness of these disasterous activities. Assets I created included, websites, trailers, social graphics, photography and illustrations along with a strong celebrity backing.


Most socials have stemmed from group ideation and scamps, though more intricate, animated or bigger campaigns will always be storyboarded and planned before implementation.


Of course many projects I’ve worked on require illustration for a great job done, but here are some unseen illustrations worth checking out.

See anything you like?

I’m open to collaborations and supplying photography, whether it be your next big adventure or a project that could turn heads.


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Project: Borneo Orangutan Survival

Branding / art direction / merch design / illustration / UI / wordpress / Divi theme / video editing / marketing / events / photography

Project: Nature Scientific Publishing

User testing / UI / wireframes / styleguide / illustration / art direction

Social, banners & illustration

Social marketing / animation / illustration / storyboard / video editing

Brand & print collection

Branding / logo animation / merch design / art direction / styleguide / illustration / photography

Web & video collection

UI / Wordpress / Divi theme / wireframe / UI animation / video editing / illustration