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Sam Rios

Project: Nature Publishing Group is the crème de la crème of scientific publishing and in turn covers a huge range of subjects and articles.

Pushing the boundaries of the website across all devices, whilst excelling in a sound user experience. I worked diligently alongside teams and departments in an agile environment to further user research and testing.

MILLIONS of webpages

sat on Nature’s legacy system, pages containing large amounts of text and scientific formulae. A user centred approach was key to turning Nature around.

Legacy webpage

No matter how good a design concept, it would never fly without the results of user testing.

Our wireframes, protoypes and high fidelity designs were thoroughly tested and tested again, even when live to view it’s effectiveness.

Heatmaps from thousands of users provided us stellar numbers, but it was face-to-face user testing that really gained us intricate feedback.

When working with complex articles, good typography is everything.

Not only did we ensure that the reading experience is smooth and accessible, but we ensured a font’s glyphs covered all scientific calculations required for author’s.

During the concept design phase, style guides were produced for anyone and everyone involved in the construction of Nature’s site, specifically developers.

The results

“Much more pleasing to the eye.”

Just some of the feedback that we got as the site went live.
The results were also showcased to the whole company, globally. Legacy webpages are being replaced as you read this. I was proud to have been part of a team that evolved Nature’s site to what it has become today.

Nature Illustrated

The new web platform was designed to allow for bigger beautiful hero imagery for hundreds of subjects under

Since I am familiar with the design and layout of the new platform, I was commissioned to source and design these many of these heroes.

I personally worked with editor’s and manager’s from around the globe to ensure guides and their vision’s were met through extensive image sourcing and illustration.

See anything you like?

I’m open to collaborations and supplying photography, whether it be your next big adventure or a project that could turn heads.


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Project: Borneo Orangutan Survival

Branding / art direction / merch design / illustration / UI / wordpress / Divi theme / video editing / marketing / events / photography

Project: Nature Scientific Publishing

User testing / UI / wireframes / styleguide / illustration / art direction

Social, banners & illustration

Social marketing / animation / illustration / storyboard / video editing

Brand & print collection

Branding / logo animation / merch design / art direction / styleguide / illustration / photography

Web & video collection

UI / Wordpress / Divi theme / wireframe / UI animation / video editing / illustration