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Local Life & Culture

In my journeys, I have tendency of straying away from conventional tourist routes, opting instead to make the special effort to immerse myself in diverse cultures. This deliberate choice consistently yields unique and unseen encounters, revealing genuine joy emanating from the communities I engage with. These off-the-beaten-path experiences deliver authentic stories that I find both compelling and rewarding to capture through my lens.

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I’m open to collaborations and supplying photography, whether it be your next big adventure or a project that could turn heads.


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CASE STUDY: Experience Borneo

Orangutan / sun bear / retreat / animal welfare / fundraising activities

CASE STUDY: Borderlands

Canyoning in rafting in Sri Lanka / action shots


Sportive / gatherings / food / nightlife / poses / sight seeing

Land, Sea and Air

Panoramic / the elements / landscapes / flora

Animal Life

Land & marine animals

Human Impacts

Wildlife abuse / waste issues

Local Life & Culture

Architecture / local living / festivals / art / temples / portraiture