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Sam Rios

Land, Sea and Air

Nature is the one thing that is guaranteed to get a smile on my face. I find myself immersed in its beauty 90% of the time, whether wandering, hiking, climbing, or swimming. Unfortunately I have also witnessed darker sides to how we as humans are impacting all this wonder that is nothing but natural to us. My mission is twofold: to showcase breathtaking beauty of nature while shedding light on the darker aspects of our influence. By weaving these contrasting narratives, I aim to both celebrate and raise awareness about the fragility of the environments that are innately intertwined with our existence.

So be sure to visit Human Impacts while you’re here.


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I’m open to collaborations and supplying photography, whether it be your next big adventure or a project that could turn heads.


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Project: Experience Borneo

Orangutan / sun bear / retreat / animal welfare / fundraising activities

Project: Borderlands

Canyoning in rafting in Sri Lanka / action shots


Sportive / gatherings / food / nightlife / poses / sight seeing

Yoga & meditation

Strength / yoga / studio / positioning / lush surroundings

Animal Life

Land & marine animals

Land, Sea and Air

Panoramic / the elements / landscapes / flora

Local Life & Culture

Street life / village life / architecture / festivals / portraits

Human Impacts

Wildlife abuse / waste issues