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Sam Rios

Brand & print

With a creative journey that spans back to 2006, I’ve crafted an extensive collection of print and branding designs tailored for both major organisations and individual startups. While I’m delighted to present a glimpse of my work here, there’s so much more to explore. Feel free to reach out, and I’ll gladly share further insights into my portfolio.

More than a brand

A brand is an incredibly powerful asset for any company out there and must be carefully considered for the client and for their audience. I’ve designed plenty of them, putting the client(s) at ease with an obligatory styleguide. Here is a quick snapshot of some that I’m proud to showcase for you.
Wholesale tiles

Chinese import company

Chinese import company

Bespoke creative design & photography

Unique street food scones
Competition branding for Peugot
Bespoke electric bicycles
Competition branding for Citroen

Borneo Orangutan Survival charity

Raffle campaign for BOS-UK+USA

Excellent PR and communications

Finding restaurants through dietary requirements

Palm oil pledge campaign for BOS-UK+USA
Bespoke marketing & photography
Craft beer brewery

Rockhopper Brewing co.

After the logo design, these bottle labels stood out of the crowd with changeable bold colours and a recognisable penguin. With further projects and an awesome brew, the brewery has lift off! With brews growing from the local area and beyond.

Borneo Orangutan Survival

Being the only creative for the UK and USA branch means that I oversee and manage the brand and it’s direction while liasing with partners all over the world. With a strong environmental focus I’ve created some really exciting projects like the adoption package above. See more of the work I’ve done for the charity right here.

Mystery shopping

Through Blue Cube Creative for Market Force, I designed mystery shopping communication material for a range of blue chip retail and food brands that you’ve certainly heard of.

The end result made for a more pleasant customer experience through good design.

A new vendor in town

What started from a branding project has now led to stationary, stall design, social marketing, photography, site design and illustrations. They were proud to have been one of the most eye-catching street food vendors out there, with great products to boot!

Cover design and Layout

I’m proud to have worked on these gorgeous books, written by hanajaywrites. Illustrations provided, cover design and layout edits by yours truly. The books are absolutely worth a read.

Purchase: The Girl Who Wanted to Catch a Cloud in a Marmalade Jar

Purchase: Social But Unsocial: New York

See anything you like?

I’m open to collaborations and supplying photography, whether it be your next big adventure or a project that could turn heads.


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Project: Borneo Orangutan Survival

Branding / art direction / merch design / illustration / UI / wordpress / Divi theme / video editing / marketing / events / photography

Project: Nature Scientific Publishing

User testing / UI / wireframes / styleguide / illustration / art direction

Social, banners & illustration

Social marketing / animation / illustration / storyboard / video editing

Brand & print collection

Branding / logo animation / merch design / art direction / styleguide / illustration / photography

Web & video collection

UI / Wordpress / Divi theme / wireframe / UI animation / video editing / illustration