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Sam Rios
Senior designer / photographer / adventurer

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Wholesale tiles

Chinese import company

Chinese import company

Bespoke electric bicycles

Unique street food scones

Competition branding for Peugot

Competition branding for Peugot

Craft beer based in Luton

eCommerce electronic sales

Bespoke visual digital design

Excellent PR and communications

Tailored food based on location and allergens

Printed projects

After the logo design, these bottle labels stood out of the crowd with changeable bold colours and a recognisable penguin. With further projects and an awesome brew, the brewery has lift off!
With brews growing from the local area and beyond.

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Mystery Shopping

Through Blue Cube Creative for Market Force, I designed mystery shopping communication material for a range of blue chip retail and food brands.
The end result made for a more pleasant customer experience through good design.


What started from a branding project has now led to stationary, stall design, social marketing, photography, site design and illustrations with more to come.
They’re now proud to be one of the most eye-catching street food vendors out there, with great products to boot!

Art direction / Brand / Print / Exhibition / Layout / Conceptual / Illustration /3D / Colour / Photography

Cover design and layout

I’m proud to have worked on these gorgeous books, written by hanajaywrites. Illustrations provided, cover design and layout edits by yours truly.
Purchase The Girl Who Wanted to Catch a Cloud in a Marmalade Jar
Purchase Social But Unsocial: New York

Layout / Typography / Colour / Print

Unique character design

I got hired to design characters for staff to make them smile in the morning.
It’s amazing how unique we all are, subtle characteristics like a mole here and a blush there ensured complete likeness , having been given plenty of photographs to work from.

They loved it!

3D Print Layout Illustration Asset build

To finish, stationary examples.