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Borneo Orangutan Survival

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BOS is an incredible organisation that aims to restore the natural balance for Bornean orangutans. Through their global partnership they are changing the downward trajectory for Bornean Orangutans and their depleting rainforests.

This is the incredible work we’ve created to aid that change..

Illustration & Merchandise


We’re proud to have brought merchandise to the UK and US markets for BOS, all of which started with energetic meetings and thorough market research to backup proposed concepts prior to design.
The merch you see below has been brought to life with constant close contact with printers, ensuring our designs are on the ball, with minimal mishaps to the charity and it’s audience.

The famous Kopral illustration

Can now be seen on lot’s of merch

A Sustainable promise

BOS are environmentally sound with so many aspects of their business, which works out with our principles just fine. Proud to have designed merch using eco friendly materials and processes.

Check out this list!

100% biodegradable reusable shopping bag
100% organic cotton t-shirts
Apple-Leather and natural fibres Notebook
Suger cane plastic pen with refillable ink

Incredible Feedback

Huge orders for the 2021 calendars and Christmas cards made, with great feedback only days after launch. Thus spreading the word for the importance of Orangutan rescue and their unique ability to save the rainforest.

Why wait, order now

The store is OPEN for trading, so step inside and browse for wares that will make your life that much more sustainable.

VR Kiosk experience

donations and adoptions on the road

Going to events up and down the UK is a sure way to bring on more donations for a worthy cause. We explored how to visually make the best of a small space, ensuring customer journeys and areas of impact were covered.
Get up close and personal with orangutans with a VR experience with BOS, buy merchandise and make a donation.ngs.

Print – Exhibition – Art Direction – 3D Rendering – concept

Site design and build for a BIG day

Not just a pretty site

With offices around the world and a huge audience span to consider, designing a website is no small task. A great deal of care and art direction has been taken to ensure digital and social design work in harmony, ensuring that future campaigns are easily deployed with the use of a growing digital style-guide.

We’re incredibly proud to be working on this living ‘endless’ project as we progress with bigger impacts and a growing audience. More exciting projects are always on the go, follow our channels and you’ll never miss a beat.

Wireframes – Art Direction – Concepts – Illustration – WordPress – Photography

Do your bit

Helping Free Orangutans

The only way for BOS to save the Bornean orangutan and their rainforest homes is to create a global movement for change. To learn more about the vital and life saving work we do and learn how you can help, sign up today. Donations make a huge diffrence.