Sam Rios

Borneo Orangutan Survival Photography

I’ve had the privilege of working for the largest great ape charity in the world. They save orangutans through rescue, rehabilitation and re-introduction as well as protecting and restoring their rainforest home.

I’ve lead and captured hikes, photographed orangutans, volunteered for sun bears, and raised much needed funds through extensive design and marketing. My photography can be seen across their website and many marketing materials.


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I’m open to collaborations and supplying photography, whether it be your next big adventure or a project that could turn heads.


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CASE STUDY: Borneo Orangutan Survival Photography

Orangutan / sun bears / retreat / animal welfare / fundraising activities / POS

Local Life & Culture

Architecture / local living / festivals / art / temples / portraiture


Sportive / gatherings / food / nightlife / poses / sight seeing

Land, Sea and Air

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Wildlife abuse / waste issues

CASE STUDY: Borderlands

Canyoning in rafting in Sri Lanka / action shots