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Sam Rios

Project: Borneo Orangutan Survival

I have the privilege to contribute my skills to the world’s largest great ape charity, dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and re-introduction of orangutans, alongside the vital mission of safeguarding and restoring their rainforest habitat.

Being the only creative means that I’ve overseen and managed the brand and it’s direction while liasing with partners all over the world, all while working 100% remotely! I’m very proud to be showcasing some of the most memorable projects I’ve had the pleasure of working on.

Artwork for orangutans

Much of the design you’ll see on this page won’t have been complete without some eye catching graphics I completed. Some get sketched first while some are inspired by orangutans themselves.

The head fusion illustration below won the People’s Award at Westbury Arts Centre.

Thousands from restaurants

Amazing London based restaurants, Manicomio and Canto Corvino support BOS-UK. I designed materials for all their tables which in turn brings in thousands for the charity each year. I was also brought in to capture customers in their restaurants.

Merchandise design

This background is a water painting illustration I created using existing imagery which inspired the look of the new annual calendar, loved by many, featuring images chosen by the public.

It’s a wonderful feeling to see supporters and customers buying products that I’ve designed knowing that it’s all going to the greater good.

I received the calender 2024. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much. I will be ordering a couple as gifts for friends. Perfect gift for Christmas.


Vui Vui Botanic Atelier

The almighty adoption pack

Adoptions are bread and butter for bring in much needed funds for orangutan conservation. Every item here has been carefully crafted and improved upon over time to ensure maximum impact, usability and joy. One of the most fulfilling projects I’ve ever worked on.

Pledge to make a big difference

Palm oil and the illegal wildlife trade

Deforestation for palm oil and the illegal wildlife trade are amongst the biggest impacts affecting wildlife on earth. I’ve teamed with global partners to bring two powerful campaigns to educate and ultimately make a difference. These are evergreen campaigns backed by celebrities and the media.

I branded, wireframed, built, created socials and edited videos for this important subject.

Backed by astroaught Karen Nyberg, acclaimed author Lee Child, actor Shannon Elizabeth, long running TV presenter Michaela Strachan, environmental photojournalist Aaron Gekoski and actor & poducer Teisha Lowry

As seen on The Sunday Project in Australia

Marketing a powerful documentary

Trailer edited for the live screening

An exploration into the dark heart of the illegal wildlife trade industry brings a new and powerful documentary, ‘Eyes of the Orangutan’. Thanks to ties with Borneo Orangutan Survival, I got involved in a fast project to market the documentary to the global audience.

While maintaining close ties with the film makers, the global BOS team, theatres and more; I’ve created posters, videos, socials, the main website and merch for the documentary.

A sellout screening!

Special effort was made to have the documentary filmed at the prestigious Royal Geographical Society in London. VIP auction items included a signed book by David Attenborough, Jane Goodall and much more. As well as designing assets for the night, I assisted running the event on the night with technicians and volunteers to ensure a superb screening.

VIP auction items, designed display

Q&A after the screening

Thank you for all your help marketing the documentary. You’ve been amazing!

Aaron Gekoski

Environmental Photojournalist

What can I say apart from thank you and congratulations on planning and executing the most perfect evening with every little detail thought through. It really all looked and felt effortless.

Chris Worwood

BOS-UK Board Chair

Further websites for orangutans

Main BOS UK+USA website

Designed and built with DIVI in WordPress, a website that I am proud to be managing. Working closely with the team, the site is always improved upon with new exciting yet ever important campaigns.

Experience Borneo

After visiting Borneo, taking photographs and exploring tourist potential, I designed and built ‘Experience Borneo’ which now offers breathtaking memorable trips for German and English speaking audiences.

Experience Borneo photography

I’ve documented a wide spectrum of activities, from capturing hikes and tourist experiences to showcasing merchandise, on-location staff, and the incredible orangutans themselves. As a result, my photography can be seen across much of BOS’s media, their partners and beyond.

See anything you like?

I’m open to collaborations and supplying photography, whether it be your next big adventure or a project that could turn heads.


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Project: Borneo Orangutan Survival

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