Sam Rios

Animal Life

My preference in capturing real life moments as opposed to staged scenes has awarded me a wealth of experience with being around people. There’s something magical about capturing genuine emotions like joy, sadness, and awe as examples. These moments hold a deeper meaning, both to the subject and to the photograph itself.

With a spirit of adventure and love for travel, I’ve been fortunate enough to capture special moments in various countries and situations. Wherever you need me for a shoot, I’ll be there. Ensure to explore my photography on local life & culture for a more profound perspective on exploring.


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I’m open to collaborations and supplying photography, whether it be your next big adventure or a project that could turn heads.


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CASE STUDY: Borneo Orangutan Survival Photography

Orangutan / sun bears / retreat / animal welfare / fundraising activities / POS

Local Life & Culture

Architecture / local living / festivals / art / temples / portraiture


Sportive / gatherings / food / nightlife / poses / sight seeing

Land, Sea and Air

Panoramic / the elements / landscapes / flora

Animal Life

Land & marine animals

Human Impacts

Wildlife abuse / waste issues

CASE STUDY: Borderlands

Canyoning in rafting in Sri Lanka / action shots