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Sam Rios


My focus is to capture the story behind the subject, by delving into the details of people’s lives, taking in expansive landscapes and discovering wonderful creatures hidden within, essentially creating photographs that serve as windows into meaningful narratives and experiences.

Additionally, I am committed to fostering environmental awareness through my work, highlighting the delicate balance between us and the natural world. With the aim of encouraging a deeper understanding and appreciation for our environment.

Choose your path

Project: Experience Borneo

Orangutan / sun bear / retreat / animal welfare / fundraising activities

Project: Borderlands

Canyoning in rafting in Sri Lanka / action shots


Sportive / gatherings / food / nightlife / poses / sight seeing

Yoga & meditation

Strength / yoga / studio / positioning / lush surroundings

Animal Life

Land & marine animals

Land, Sea and Air

Panoramic / the elements / landscapes / flora

Local Life & Culture

Street life / village life / architecture / festivals / portraits

Human Impacts

Wildlife abuse / waste issues


A few highlights

Pekoe Trails

Breathtaking scenery from one of the largest hiking trails in Sri Lanka, the Pekoe Trail.


Adventure and the outdoors is one of my loves in life and it was thrilling to have captured real joy on the faces of tourists in Borderlands, Sri Lanka.

Sun bear care

Borneo Orangutan Survival also runs the largest sun bear conservation in Indonesia, while volunteering, I captured some hard graft all the staff do everyday to care for these precious animals.

Sam receives glowing references from any client he encounters and is commended on his high quality work and consultative approach.

Amy Bradbury

Blue Skies Careers

Just wanted to say how incredibly thankful I am that you found us and are applying your incredible talents to help the orangutans. Everything you do has your passion built in to it, and that is obvious to all that see your work.
Ben Callison


Thank you for all your help marketing the documentary. You’ve been amazing!

Aaron Gekoski

Environmental Photojournalist