Real life experiences

Soak up the journey

I tend to visit a destination over longer periods than most, allowing myeslf to really get absorbed into exciting new surroundings. The people, the landscapes and the wonderful creatures hidden within. These photographs are a result of many meaningful stories and experiences captured for you to witness.

In the heat

A fishing family

BOS Kopral Feed

Green Lizard Beauty

The photos




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So much to explore

Typical busy street of Mumbai, India

Hot projects

Palm oil & wildlife pledge campaign

Art direction / animation / web design / branding / marketing

Deforestation and the wildlife trade industry are decimating our natural environment on a mass scale. For BOS, we’ve created 2 incredibly powerful campaigns to educate and spread the word for reversing that trend. Check them out right here.

Experience Borneo

Event design & management / photography / web design / marketing

Uniquely situated in the heart of secondary rainforest and an orangutan sanctuary, lies Samboja Lodge. We’ve successfully built up a volunteer and visitation program, including all design, marketing and trip coordination. Supporting orangutans under their care 100%.

The one behind the lens (and laptop)

"Howdy, Bula, Que Tal?"

A way of approaching life's little experiences is to stay a little longer and soak up the buzz. With a drive to speak to locals and to get involved when the opportunity arises has grown his environmental awareness.

This has led to a consultative approach with every creative project, and has yielded great results for small start-ups to large corporations alike.

Join me on my journey

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