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Experience Borneo Rainforest Retreat

Join me on a once in a lifetime experience in the heart of an Orangutan Sanctuary. All proceeds go to Borneo Orangutan Survival UK.


Travel photography covering real experiences exploring humans and wildlife, that serve as windows into meaningful narratives and experiences

Creative design

An extensive portfolio of visual designs after working for both corporate giants and exciting start-ups, most of which are committed to sustainability and wildlife conservation.

Save Boua the elephant

Boua the young energetic elephant is now to be sold off to an investor, unless enough can be raised to save her and keep her in a sanctuary with her natural heard.

Borneo Orangutan Survival

Bornean orangutans known as gardners’ of the forest, yet their critically endangered. The only way for us to save the Bornean orangutan and their rainforest homes is to create a global movement for change. Do your part here.

Eyes of the Orangutan

I’m happy to have got involved marketing a new and powerful documentary, an exploration into the dark heart of the illegal wildlife trade. View more and the documentary that is turning heads.

Who is Sam Rios

Senior Designer, photographer, adventurer. Though there is more than meets the eye. Read about my experiences and what I can offer.

Pekoe Trails

Breathtaking scenery from one of the largest hiking trails in Sri Lanka, the Pekoe Trail.


Adventure and the outdoors is one of my loves in life and it was thrilling to have captured real joy on the faces of tourists in Borderlands, Sri Lanka.

Sun bear care

Borneo Orangutan Survival also runs the largest sun bear conservation in Indonesia, while volunteering, I captured some hard graft all the staff do everyday to care for these precious animals.

Sam receives glowing references from any client he encounters and is commended on his high quality work and consultative approach.

Amy Bradbury

Blue Skies Careers

Just wanted to say how incredibly thankful I am that you found us and are applying your incredible talents to help the orangutans. Everything you do has your passion built in to it, and that is obvious to all that see your work.
Ben Callison


Thank you for all your help marketing the documentary. You’ve been amazing!

Aaron Gekoski

Environmental Photojournalist