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With our deep love for culture, nature and design, we are a full service events and marketing duo

What we’ve done

Eyes of the Orangutan

Events management / art direction / marketing

One of the most exciting projects we’ve ever worked on! Almost a sellout thatre to one of the most talked about documentaries of the year, LIVE in the prestigious Royal Geographical Society with a Q&A session with the makers.

More on the event will be updloaded soon. Check back again.

What we do


Nature UI

Visual design


Hot projects

Palm oil & wildlife pledge campaign

Art direction / animation / web design / branding / marketing

Deforestation and the wildlife trade industry are decimating our natural environment on a mass scale. For BOS, we’ve created 2 incredibly powerful campaigns to educate and spread the word for reversing that trend. Check them out right here.

Experience Borneo

Event design & management / photography / web design / marketing

We’ve successfully built up a volunteer and visitation program, including all design, marketing and trip coordination. Supporting orangutans under their care 100%. Uniquely situated in the heart of secondary rainforest and an orangutan sanctuary, the lodge is well worth a visit. 

Got a project idea?

Working with brands, charities and individuals to make a difference, for a bigger impact.

Let’s work together

Sam Rios

Creative, photography, adventure

With an ability to speak to locals and to get involved when the opportunity arises has grown his environmental awareness.

This has led to a consultative approach with every creative project, and has yielded great results for small start-ups to large corporations alike.

Sylwia Wojslaw

Events, engagement

An archaeologist by trade, event organiser, and environmentalist by heart.

Sylwia built her events portfolio working with a range of businesses, from adventure travel and street food, finding everlasting love in helping out animals by working alongside Borneo Orangutan Survival UK.

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